Roxspa Mauritius takes pride in celebrating the diversity of ingredients native to the Mauritian islands.


With a population of approximately 300 people, Agalega, two outer islands of Mauritius can be found about 100km north of Mauritius. Agalega’s North and South islands are separated by a sand bank which serves as a foot crossing for the island’s inhabitants during low tide. Although export of copra and coconut oil is the main source of income for the locals, money was not in circulation on the island until recently. Sand tracks form the road systems adding to Agalega’s rustic charm.


The paradise island of Mauritius, situated 20 degrees south of the equator, off the east coast of Africa was once home to the legendary Dodo bird. This exotic island in the Indian Ocean is rich in history and culturally diverse. Mountain ranges, sugarcane fields, volcanic rock formations, and forests merge with sandy beaches and Palm trees that still sway to the rhythm of the ocean breeze. Turquoise lagoons are home to several species of sea and plant life, all protected by a coral reef surrounding the tropical island.


To the east of Mauritius lies Rodrigues, an outer island of the Republic of Mauritius. This hilly landscape of volcanic origin is surrounded by a protective reef, where rare species of coral and crustaceans, unique to the island, can be found. 18 islets nestled in the warm and shallow lagoon find shelter from frequent, harsh cyclonic weather conditions. On land in the southwestern part of the island one can descend into an impressive 600m cave system full of stalactites and stalagmites.





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