Inspired by the stunning landscape and vibrant people of Mauritius, dancer, yoga teacher, shiatsu therapist and spa enthusiast, Amanda, set out to create a stunning body care product to share her ‘corner of paradise’ with the world.

The signature product, The Mauritian Sugar Cane Body Polish, elegantly expresses the diverse and exotic environment.

Natural ingredients are used wherever possible with this luxurious product containing several ingredients grown and harvested on the Mauritian islands.



I was brought up in a modest home. My mother was not an extravagant woman, but one thing she did have was amazing skin, which she cared for lovingly, using basic ingredients from our humble kitchen.

Intrigued by the idea of natural healing, I went on to study Shiatsu, a therapy that supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself, and Yoga; which helped deepen my commitment to living a holistic lifestyle.

My desire to travel the world led me to The West Indies, Africa and Asia where I discovered more sophisticated methods of using natural ingredients. In 2003 my journey took me to the paradise island of Mauritius, where the beauty of nature, a passion for skin care and entrepreneurial ambition inspired me to create my own body care range.

Mauritian Sugar Cane Body Polish by Roxspa, is my signature product exclusive to the Mauritian islands. Through the use of indigenous ingredients and exotic plant oils, it excites me to bring an element of paradise into your daily beauty ritual.











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